Company History

Since 1919 W.C. Storey & Son, Inc. has been serving the tri-state with equipment for the petroleum and chemical industries. Wilson Charles Storey established the business at a time when only the wealthy owned automobiles and gasoline was delivered to the owner’s home in a horse drawn tank wagon. Wilson had worked for the American Oil Pump & Tank Company where his optimism and spirit soon made him the premier salesman of home installed pumps. He took advantage of this market and started a company of his own in the oil equipment industry. Refusing to yield to the adversity of the depression, Wilson undertook the sale of the new Tokheim gasoline pump for gas stations. He also built one of the first gas stations in the city with Bob Tresler, Tresler Oil Company.

Wilson was joined by his son, Jerry, in 1950 and the name of the company became W.C. Storey & Son. With more than 50 equipment lines the company has survived wars, recessions, and government regulations. Wilson’s son Jerry assumed operation of the company after his retirement. Following Jerry’s death in 1985, Wilson’s grandson and namesake, Wilson Charles Storey II, became president. As we enter the 21st century, W.C. Storey & Son, Inc. continues the tradition with a commitment to our customers and the ever changing needs of the petroleum industry.